Double car bomb explosions rock central Somali town


MAHAS [SMN] – Two explosions that were carried out by Al-Shabaab using two cars loaded with explosives targeted Mahas town in central Somalia on Wednesday morning.


One of the explosions took place in front of a house, where officials and MPs from the government were staying. A second explosion took place in the same vicinity.

At least 15 have been killed and injured in the morning explosions.

Dozens of people, including a journalist were injured and have been taken to the general hospital of Mahas district as the doctors of the hospital told the Shabelle Media Network.

Mumin Mohamed Halane, the commissioner of Mahas said two car bombs came from the Wabho area in the Galgadud region, where Al-Shabaab has been battling against the SNA.

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the bombings which were aimed to kill lawmakers and military commanders leading the ongoing operations against the militants.

The Somali government is yet to comment on the attack which comes days after president Hassan Sheikh said this year will be the end of the Al-Shabaab era in the country.

The Al-Qaeda-linked group has been waging an insurgency for 15 years with the aim to oust the UN-backed government in Mogadishu which is protected by AU troops.

The army drove Al-Shabaab out of dozens of villages in central Somalia – Hiran, Galgadud, and the Middle Shabelle region in August 2022.


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