A 2nd airstrike reported in central Somalia within two days


AMARA (SMN) – A military official says a second airstrike happened around Amara town in central Somalia, targeting Al-Shabaab amid SNA ground operations in the country.


The commander who spoke to Radio Shabelle on condition of anonymity said the airstrike inflicted casualties on Al-Shabaab but he could not say the exact number of the fatalities.

After the overnight raid, Al-Shabaab ordered a local telecom company to switch off the phone network to avert further airstrikes from the foreign warplanes, believed to be from the US.

The strike comes as Somali troops and local clan militia are jointly battling against Al-Shabaab in the Mudug region, where they managed to retake Harardhere at Indian Ocean cost.

Al-Shabaab despite losing major ground, continued to carry out lethal attacks, mainly car bombing and sieges in Mogadishu in response to the military offensive.

The Somali government claimed the upper hand in the current war against Al-Shabaab as it is now in control of the most areas that had been under the group’s rule for 15 years.


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