A new MP elected to fill vacant seat in Somali parliament


BAIDOA [SMN] – Mukhtar Mohamed Mursal was elected to the Lower House seat with number HoP176 representing his constituency of Southwest after an election in Baidoa.


The election, which was conducted by the interim electoral Committee saw a bitter contest between Mukhtar Mohamed Mursal and the only female candidate Khadijo Samow Abdi.

The total number of delegates cast their votes was 101.

Before the voting started, Abdi announced she dropped out, paving the way for Mursal to garner all the votes of the 101 delegates, according to the polls body.

Mukhtar Mohamed Mursal replaces his father Mohamed Mursal Mohamed (Borow) who died on September 20th last year in Mogadishu, the capital of the country after an illness.

The Lower House consists 275 members, while the Upper House is 54 seats who made up of a Federal parliament in Somalia, which was not elected in a popular vote.


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