Abiy’s Govt dispatches Federal forces to Oromia after attacks


ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government deployed federal troops again in the Oromia region where armed groups have repeatedly attacked local residents and killed civilians.


Amhara militia has been blamed for the latest attacks that have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people while thousands more have been displaced in the towns of Anger Gute and Kiramu on the eastern border of the Amhara region.

However, the Amhara ethnic minority in the area accuses a group that is involved in the Oromo rebellion of the OLA.

Among those who died in the Kiramu area are a local judge and regional police officers.

“There has been significant progress made since federal forces entered Anger Gute town,” said a resident official who spoke to the BBC.

The local authorities said that there is an urgent need for humanitarian aid as serious roadblocks set up by armed groups have hindered traffic in the region.


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