Airstrike foils Al-Shabaab car bombs in central Somalia


HARARDHERE (SMN) – A suspected US airstrike destroyed a would-be suicide car bomb in central Somalia on Friday, an official said.


Unmanned aircraft dropped missiles on two vehicles packed with explosives that Al-Shabaab was preparing to attack Somali military bases in HARARDHERE Town.

The raid came following a tip-off from local residents who spotted the two car bombs en route to the newly liberated coastal city.

Harardhere DC confirmed the incident to Radio Shabelle by phone, adding that all militants who were plotting the suicide attack killed on the spot.

Al-Shabaab lost the key town last month to Somali army during  an offensive supporting by the US military and local residents.

Harardhere served as nerve financial center and command base for 15 years and its loss dealt major blow to the group.


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