Al-Shabaab members executed in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU – The Armed Forces Court executed Nur Ibrahim Mahad-alle (Nur Wayne), Hassan Ali Macalin Barre Boy & Izak Kerow for the explosions that killed 15 in Mogadishu.


Hassan Ali Barre has been accused of being behind the car bomb explosion that took place in the Kaawa-Godey market in Wadajir district in 2018.

The car bomb killed 12 people while 7 others were injured according to the Chairman of the 1st Degree Court of the Armed Forces, Hassan Ali Nur Shute.

Nur Ibrahim Mahad alle (Nur Wayne) was a former member of the police forces was expelled after the government said that he used psychoactive substances.

He joined Al-Shabaab and then killed Mahaas’s Deputy Governor on Security & Politics & other people in a bomb blast.

The third one was Isak Keerow Adan. He was convicted of killing 2 people in Suuq Ba’ad & Weydow in 2020.


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