Al-Shabaab members sneaked into Mogadishu – official


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The deputy mayor of Mogadishu on security affairs Mohamed Ahmed Diriye [Yaboh] announced that Al-Shabaab members entered the capital.


He made the remarks during a security meeting in Mogadishu. He pointed out that his office is aware of the militants moving into the city after defeats on the frontlines.

The deputy mayor urged the residents of Mogadishu to show more vigilance and tip off to the security forces in case of any suspicious activities.

Yaboh added that the police will double the efforts to avert Al-Shabaab attacks in the city, which witnesses bomb and gun raids since the election of Hassan Sheikh as president.

In the past few days, NISA has been carrying out routine operations in the capital in which it detained suspected Al-Shabaab members.


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