Arab Parliament pledges support for Somali PM Hamza Abdi Barre


CAIRO – The President of the Arab Parliament (AP) Hon. Mr. Adel Bin Abdul Rahman AlAsoomi congratulated Mr. Hamza Abdi Baree on his appointment as Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia based on the unanimous approval of the House of the People of Somalia to grant him confidence and wished him success in exercising his duties.

The President of the AP expressed his sincere appreciation for the great trust that “Barre” received from the Somali House of the People, adding that this is a confirmation of the expertise and high efficiency he enjoys.

AlAsoomi affirmed the AP’s support and standing by Somalia to cross this delicate phase and to consolidate its steps towards the security and stability of its people and its aspiration for a decent life, stressing that Somalia needs a Government of capabilities to contribute to addressing all the challenges facing it, foremost among them is the food crisis and the drought disaster affecting Somalia.

SOURCE: Sada El Balad


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