Benadir regional Retreat Conference kicks off in Mogadishu [Photos]


MOGADISHU, 10 January 2023: Benadir Regional Retreat Conference has today been opened in Mogadishu. The main objective of this retreat conference is to set and plan the priorities of the Benadir Region since the transitional period of the administration has finished and a new governor appointed.


The three-day Regional Retreat Conference is attended by the senior leadership, directors, advisers and governors of the regional districts where it focuses on the strategies of Benadir Region for the next five years. During the retreat conference, alot will be discussed be about such as how the current dire situations could be overcome along with establishment of policies making sure riddance of the social problems faced by the people while evaluating what has been achieved.

The participants of the retreat will also discuss about the reform and modernization of the administrative structure of Benadir Regional Administration to be in line with the international systems where they will also represent the way the regional budget works and how its managed based on the activities that are important to the community and the necessary public services.

The governor of Benadir Region and the Mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Madale, said in his remarks of opening the Regional Retreat Conference “a well-organized and standardized administration is only able to offer sufficient services to its people.  When a very strong administration with transparency and accountability measures comes, we can do a lot for our community.’’

The deputy governor of administration and finance of Benadir region, Isse Gure noted that its crucial to change people’s lifestyles and establish a system that is compatible with the current situation.

“We’re presenting the alignment of finances, personnel, required activities, and the services that we are obliged to provide by educating our staff and officials on how to deal with this issue,” he added.

The new governor of the Banadir region has been busy for the last four months in setting the strategy that the region will operate in the next five years, including goals, standards, revenue, and administrative procedures, which are aimed at increasing the public services provided by the region.



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