Curfew imposed in the contested Somali town after clashes


LAS ANOD [SMN] – A night-time curfew was imposed in Las Anod on Friday after weeks of deadly clashes in the contested city on the Somaliland-Puntland border, officials said.


The stabilization division of SSC-Khatumo announced the indefinite curfew which starts at 9:00PM local time following a consultations on city’s security, according to Ali Gowrac.

SSC-Khatumo took swift action to bring the situation under control after taking over the city from Somaliland forces last month after a bloody battle that left over 200 dead.

Gowrac who is the Commander of the new stabilization force asked the people to comply with the curfew and help troops enforce it, which he said was aimed at stabilizing Lasanood.

The fighting erupted in the town on Feb 6 after Somaliland forces faced a popular uprising against their presence in SSC – Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions before pulled out of bases.

Somaliland’s troops have since been stationed outside the city, which has since remained under the control of a local fighters under a committee of 33 elders from Dhulbahante clan.

After condemnation by international human rights organisations and the United States, Somaliland declared an unconditional ceasefire on February 10 and it did not take affect.


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