Deni explains why Puntland rejected to sign FGS-FMS deal


GAROWE [SMN] – The President of Puntland, Said Deni, has accused the federal government of Somalia of plots to return the country to a centralized government system.


“The reason that I refused to sign some of the points in the new agreement between the Federal government and the Federal States is that they are against the federal system in Somalia,” said Deni.

Deni said that the government of Somalia needs to complete the review of the constitution without discussing the issue of the dispute over the Sool region and Sanaag regions.

Deni, who was speaking last night at a ceremony to celebrate his 4th anniversary, said that he will issue a statement clarifying Puntland stance on the agreement and other issues.

So far, there are no comments from the Federal Government and the regional states who attended the meeting of the National Consultative Council on Deni’s remarks.

However, the President of Puntland seems to be not satisfied with the joint communique that came out of the recently concluded National Forum meeting in Mogadishu.

Deni has run for Somalia president against Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in May 15 election and he is now preparing for a second attempt in 2026.


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