Dozens of Al-Shabaab members killed in latest SNA operation


MOGADISHU – The Somali government said its forces has killed at least 30 members of the Al-Shabaab, after an operation carried out in Aborrey area, which is 25 kilometers east of Buulo-burte district in Hiran region.


According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information of the Federal Government, five government soldiers were injured in the battle.

“The National Security Forces engaged in a battle with Al-Shabaab Terrorist Militants in Aborey area last night at around 2:00 AM. The National Security Forces, who had received information about the terrorist plot, inflicted a heavy blow, and five soldiers were injured. the army” said the statement.

In the last few days, the military forces and the local people known as Macowsley have been fighting against Al-Shabaab militias in Hiraan and Galgudud regions.

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has recently declared war against Al-Shabaab militias, which he said will be eliminated from the country.


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