Ethiopia reports capture of 100 youths planned to join Al-Shabaab

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian defense forces reported that Al-Shabaab has exposed his repeated attempts to make Ethiopia a terrorist zone.
Al-Shabaab’s repeated attempts to make Ethiopia a terrorist zone are thwarted by our army department which is carrying out its mission in the east and south of our country.
According to the coordinator of the class Abebe Semagn, more than 100 youths who tried to leave the country and join Alshabab have been arrested by our army which made them take over the security office of the Southern Region.
“Even though Al-Shabab tried to get its members ready for destruction in our country through different ways, they were arrested by the recommendation and cooperation of the community and the strong follow-up of our army,” the coordinator added.
Al-Shabaab attacked Ethiopia through the Bakool region in July, the first cross-border raid in Africa’s 2nd populous country which is facing internal conflict.


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