Fighting erupts in Baidoa amid electoral crisis


BAIDOA [SMN] – A battle flared up in the suburbs of Baidoa City, the capital of Bay Region, between the South West Administration Forces and those of the South West Security Forces, who support the opposition candidates for a long time.


According to some reports, the South West Administration forces attacked a place where the South West Security Forces were located, which was led by one of the oppositions who opposed the increase, especially the former Minister of the Ministry of Finance of Somalia, Mohamed Aden Fargeeti.

The Ministry of Security of the South West Administration, which spoke about the war, said that the forces of the South West Administration were attacked while doing their normal work.

The security forces who are on patrol have put gangs in the way and wanted to disrupt security, we will deal with anything that disrupts security.

The situation in Baidoa City is very tense today, and there is a loss of death and injuries as a result of the war, as the war has affected the movement of people, transport, and business.


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