Gunmen kill two people in Somalia’s capital amid insecurity


MOGADISHU [SMN] –  Mogadishu witnessed separate killings on Thursday evening that were carried out by gunmen in different parts of the capital city, police and witnesses said.


The first murder took place in Jungal neighborhood of Yaqshid district, where assailants with pistols assassinated Sheikh Salad Issa who was one of the local businessmen.

The killers escaped from the scene. It is not clear why they killed the businessman who was also one of the respected elders in Mogadishu.

The 2nd murder happened in Karaan District, especially in Nageyle neighborhood, where a Quran teacher named Nur Mohamed Jimale, was killed by gunmen, according to the locals.

The gunmen seized Jimala’s mobile phone after killing him outside a mosque.

The security officials did not speak about the assassinations in the city which are part of the growing insecurity.

The police carry out operations with the help of the National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA] in te night, but nothing has changed.


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