HirShabelle state leader unveils his cabinet


JOWHAR [SMN] – The President of Hir-Shabelle Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe) has appointed his Council of Ministers after almost two years.


He has reinstated some of the ministers in the previous government to their positions.

President Guudlawe said that he named the cabinet after consulting with his deputy Yusuf Dabaged, Speaker of the Parliament Abdihakim Luqman and sections of the community.

Among the returning ministers are:

1- Mohamed Abdirahman Kheyre, Minister of Security.

2-Idle Siyar Sheikh Khalif, Minister of Fisheries & Marine Resources.

3-Mohamed Bashir Qasim (Daqarre) who was the Minister of Agriculture & Irrigation was changed to the Deputy Minister of that Ministry.

4-Mohammed Mohamud Goodir was appointed as the Minister of livestock, Plant & Pasture.

Among the ministers who lost office is the former Minister of Internal Affairs & Local Government Hir-Shabelle Mohamed Ali Aadle.

The President of Hir-Shabelle, Ali Gudlawe Hussein, has given two ministries to women among the 27 ministers he appointed.

Women & Human Rights minister is Rahma Mohamed Gulle and the Ministry of Relief & Disaster Management was appointed to Aasho Khalif Mohamed.


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