House speaker sends stiff warning to MPs over abstention


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The speaker of the Lower House Chamber of the Federal Parliament of Somalia to take action against certain lawmakers who are accustomed to being absent from their national duties.


Speaking in Saturday’s session which failed to convene due to lack of the constitutional quorum. The house needs two-thirds of its MPs [275].

The parliament’s normal sessions were affected by the lack of attendance of the MPs – the majority of them are in Mogadishu and not moving out of their hotels while some are abroad.

According to Sheikh Aden Madobe, from today, the absent lawmakers will be fined when the Ethics Committee tables the list to the speaker.

“No member of parliament can skip the session without justification,” said Madobe, adding that the abstention leaves a black mark on the house.

On Saturday, the parliamentarians were set to finalize the first reading of the draft of the National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA] bill from the  Somali Cabinet after approving it on Thursday.


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