House speaker sets up a team to facilitate Baidoa conference


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Sheikh Adan Madobe appointed a technical committee for the reconciliation conference in Baidoa, Southwest.


The seven-member committee of 7 members is tasked to coordinate the upcoming dialogue which is expected to be held on the fifth of January, 2023.

The speaker of the Somali parliament, Adan Madobe said he has great hope that the reconciliation meeting will end the political crisis in his constituency, the Southwest.

Some of the opposition politicians campaigning for the regional presidency have already boycotted the meeting, accusing Adan Madobe of siding with president Lafta-Gareen.

The speaker has had consultations with the Union of Candidates of Southwest state two nights ago in Mogadishu, where they agreed to participate in the reconciliation meeting.

The Baidoa talks come after a dispute over the term extension of the incumbent Abdulaziz Lafta-Garen, whose mandate in office expired last month with conflict in Baidoa city.

Villa Somalia backed the reconcialtion in Southwest state and urged the stakeholders to resolve their differences through peaceful manner, amicable dailogie instead of voilence.


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