Las Anod witnesses second attack against Somaliland troops


LAS ANOD [SMN] – A second attack in a week was reported in the conflict-riddled northern Somali town of Las Anod amid public outcry over the Somaliland army’s atrocities.


The local residents reported that heavy fighting between the breakaway region’s forces and armed men occurred on Tuesday night in the center of the city as people were asleep.

The gunmen targeted the Somaliland military outpost on the southern side of the town and engaged in a gunfight with the troops stationed there.

Both warring sides used heavy and light weaponry during the late-night confrontation which comes in the middle of an outpouring of public anger at the presence of Somaliland.

So far, details of the casualties remain sketchy and no official in the city’s administration did speak about the attack and the subsequent battle but there are reports of losses.

On the other hand, some residents started to flee from the city to the outside peaceful areas in fear of an open war between Somaliland and Puntland forces in Sool region.

The Las Anod unrest enters the second week with medical officials reporting the deaths of at least 20 people and 30 wounds, who were admitted to local hospitals for treatment.


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