Mogadishu police arrested a suspect in a civilian murder


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The security forces in Mogadishu have successfully nabbed a suspect in the murder of a civilian within the capital last year, police officials said.


Police said in a statement that after a long manhunt, the troops found the alleged killer in the northern Deynile district following a tip-off from the local residents who spotted him.

The detained suspect is to face justice after being convicted of the cold-blood murder of Mohamed Ahmed Abdulle on 15th November 2022 in Dharkenley district.

“He is being interrogated in Deynile police station and will be arraigned in court,” the statement added.

Over the past few days, police ramped up the operations to ensure the overall security of Mogadishu after the rise of armed robbers who spread across the fragile city.

Besides the robbery, the capital witnessed attacks from Al-Shabaab targeting upscale hotels and key installations as the new government is at war with the militants in central regions.


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