Mogadishu security forces detain armed robbers


MOGADISHU (SMN) ā€“ The security forces of Somalia have successfully arrested two young men armed with pistols who have been committing robbery actions in the capital.


Benadir police announced the capture of the gangs while robbing mobile phones from residents in Mogadishu streets. They were taken into custody and awaiting a trial.

The operation took place in the Howlwadaag district in collaboration with the public who tipped off the robbers to the police, who facilitated their immediate capture.

“The police in Howlwadag have last night rounded up two gangs at the district’s main junction as they rob people on toy pistols,” reads a statement from the police.

Also, the city’s police added that the anti-gang operation will go ahead as long as the capital witnesses such organized crimes that harm the overall security and stability.

For the past months, police and Intelligence forces have been conducting security operations in Mogadishu to ensure the safety of the people and maintain law and order.


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