NISA raid leads to seizure of cache of weapons and suspect in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU (SMN) – An elite team from Somalia’s Intelligence Agency carried out an operation in the capital, Mogadishu on Friday night amid an alert over terror attacks.


NISA – National Intelligence and Security Agency said the sweep in Dharkenley district saw the seizure of a cache of IEDs, including grenades belonging to Al-Shabaab.

A woman who was in the house is in custody over suspicion that she was storing the Al-Shabaab explosive devices. No further details were available about the overnight raid.

The security forces in Mogadishu are now keeping an eye on Al-Shabaab’s sleeping cells and sympathizers after the group lost grip of most strongholds to the army and vigilantes.

The hawk-eyed NISA has been active in the fight against Al-Shabaab and was responsible for high-profile raids in Al-Shabaab hideouts that led to the deaths of militants and leaders.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh said on Thursday during an anti-Al-Shabaab rally in Mogadishu his government will leave no stone unturned to end Al-Shabaab this year.

The head of the state instructed the security agencies to conduct house-to-house searches in the capital to weed out Al-Shabaab bedbugs mixing with the population.


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