President Hassan Sheikh inspects Somali naval forces in Eritrea


ASMARA [SMN] – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, accompanied by Isaias Afwerki, inspected units of the Somali Navy undergoing training in Eritrea.


During the visit, President Hassan inspected the condition of the naval personnel and hoped that they would play a significant role in the ongoing security operations in the country.

The troops held a welcoming ceremony for the President, who received a salute before getting briefed by some of the army officers.

Speaking to the troops, the Somali president praised their patience in training and their commitment to defending their nation, outlining the government’s plan to rebuild the Armed Forces and ensure the country’s overall security.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stressed the national importance of rebuilding the Somali army and improving its capabilities, to ensure the country’s security and to keep the people and the region at bay from the threat of terrorism.


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