President Hassan Sheikh meets with Somali community in US


WASHINGTON – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, met with the Somali community in Washington and its surroundings to brief them on the current crisis at home.


The president’s speech more focused on security issues, fighting against Al-Shabaab, drought, the purpose of his trip to Washington, and the territorial unity of Somalia.

The Somalis living in Washington and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia who organized the event to host the president pledged to support the new Somali government.

It’s the 1st time the president visits the US since his election in May 2022 and he is expected to address the UNGA77 this month before jetting back to Mogadishu.

Mohamud met with top White House officials, including Biden’s security advisor, and defense and foreign ministers in Washington on the bilateral ties and war on Al-Shabab.


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