Puntland forces join offensive against Al-Shabaab in Mudug region


HOBYO (SMN) – Reports from the ancient coastal city of Hobyo, central Somalia indicate that Puntland regional forces joined military movements against Al-Shabaab.


The US-trained and funded Puntland security forces were spotted on the frontlines, arriving from Galkayo, the regional capital of Mudug, which witnesses terror attacks in the past.

The troops have been deployed to the region to stop the Al-Shabaab fighters fleeing from the ongoing army offensive in southern Somalia, who are trying to sneak into Puntland.

Puntland is on alert since the war on Al-Shabaab started last year as the regional state has been dealing with the militant group and ISIS-linked fighters in the Galgala hills for years.

The PSF commanding officers said they will contribute to the Somali-led campaign against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, which President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud declared in August 2022.

The regional states in Somalia are all involved in the current war after losing patience with the Al-Shabaab blockades and continued attacks that hamper the state-building process.


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