Salaam Somali Bank continues to help small businesses grow


MOGADISHU, Somalia – The privately-owned Salaam Somali Bank (SSB) has provided free microfinance to small businesses in the country’s capital as part of the annual grand fun program meant to boost cultivation and rival of the economy.


On Tuesday, the Bank’s main headquarters in Mogadishu’s Bakara market offered free microfinance to the resident traders, including women with the aim to help expand their budding businesses, per the management.

Speaking at the occasion, the beneficiaries of Salaam Somali bank’s free microfinance said they are grateful to the Bank for the valuable funding that will assist make their business dreams to true.

For eleven years in service, Salaam Somali Bank has gained praise for its commitment to improving Somali people’s lives through investment and a free microfinance fund created to assist local traders.

Moreover, the private bank which is based in Mogadishu also supports entrepreneurs by providing early stage and growth financing with active support for special youth and women entrepreneurs.

The fund aims to empower entrepreneurs with inspiring visions to solve big problems and create commercial solutions in Somalia, a country that has been plagued by decades of conflict and famine.


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