Senior ISIS leader killed in Somalia’s Puntland state


BOSASO [SMN] – Puntland has said that it has killed the head of Daesh operations in the Bari region, whose name was identified as Abu-Albara Al Amani.


A statement from the Puntland Police said that Abu-Albara was killed in an attack by the Daesh group on Wednesday night on the police station in Balidhidin district.

Abu Albara Al Amani was from the Amhara region of Ethiopia and he recruited many Ethiopians to join the Daesh-linked group in Puntland.

In July 2021, Abu Albara was appointed as the head of Daesh operations, after the former head of operations of that group, Abu Waleed Al-Muhajir, was killed in an operation.

Al-Muhajir died in the raid by the Puntland security forces in the vicinity of the Al-Miskaad mountains, as noted in the Puntland Police statement.

On the other hand, one Puntland Police officer was killed in the attack by Daesh on the police station in Balidhidin district, according to the statement.

Puntland faces a dual threat from Al-Shabaab and Daesh, who are competing for the influence in Bari region, where they generate income from the extortions.


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