SNA engaged in a heavy fighting with Al-Shabaab near Adan Yabaal


ADAN YABAAL (SMN) – The reports from the Middle Shabelle region, southern Somalia indicate that heavy fighting broke out on Sunday morning in Juhay area near Adan Yabaal.


Sunday’s battle between Somali troops and local community fighters on one side and Al-Shabaab began after an attack on the area, which is under the control of the militants.

Some reports suggest that warplanes have taken part in the offensive against Al-Shabaab that military officials said dealt a major blow to the militant group.

The main aim of the ongoing battle is to push Al-Shabaab out of Adan Yabaal, which is the final pocket of the militants in the Middle Shabelle region, where they held for 15 years.

The situation on the ground remains tense with both sides making military movements that could lead a full-blown war in the region, which borders the capital, Mogadishu.


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