Somali army claims 20 Al-Shabaab killed in a botched attack


JOWHAR (SMN) – Somali government forces fended off an ambush attack against their base by Al-Shabaab in central Somalia, where the militant group faced an offensive.


The attack sparked a direct gunfight between the two sides that ended up in the pushback of the militants with army officials saying at least 20 Al-Shabaab members are dead.

For its part, Al-Shabaab claimed a similar victory over the SNA, adding it killed dozens of soldiers in the skirmish in El-Dheere which straddles the Hiran-Middle Shabelle regions.

The situation has been tense in the area as the army launched a manhunt operation in search of Al-Shabaab remnants. There was no independent source confirming both claims.


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