Somali army kills 18 Al-Shabab members – SNA chief


BELEDWEYNE [SMN] – The Somali government forces have carried out an operation against Al-Shabaab in Hiran region in which at least 18 militants from Al-Shabaab were killed.


Somali National Army’s commandos (DANAB) killed the militants during an offensive against Al-Shabaab in Buq-Aqable village, which is 90KM south of Beledweyne, the Provincial Capital of Hiiraan region, on Thursday, SNA’s Chief, Gen Odawa Yusuf told State Media.

There were no independent sources verifying the death toll as the area residents are afraid to speak with the media on the military operations against Al-Shabaab.

For the past few weeks, the Somali military backed by local armed residents has been conducting a joint assault on Al-Shabaab bases in response to a recent attack near Beledweyne which left at least 21 people dead.


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