Somali Govt confirms over 100 militants killed in Ops


MOGADISHU – Successful operations in collaboration with the National Intelligence Service and international partners killed the leaders and militias of Al-Shabaab and destroyed a vehicle carrying military equipment and explosives in the last 48 hours.


These operations took place in the areas of Masajid Ali-gudud and Bur-olow also known as Doilile in the Middle Shabelle region.

The first operation was carried out on Saturday, October 22. They targeted a garage and a house where leaders and militias were meeting. 21 terrorists were killed, including the leaders such as Abdullahi Ali Araale.

The second operation took place on the 23rd, yesterday at 3:30 pm and was carried out in the vicinity of Masjid Ali-Gadudd city which was a special center for NISA and killed 11 members of the Khawarij militia and wounded more than 30 others.

The third and strongest operation took place last night at 9:40pm, 10:25pm, 10:43pm, 12:00am midnight, and it took place in the area of ​​Bur-Olow, some people know it as Doolile, which is 10km west of the Ali-Gadud Mosque. which was a major threat to the terrorists, there was a rebel group led by Musab Abdulle Saney and other leaders who were planning an attack on the National Army and the local people fighting for their lands.

The attacks that took place last night, the first one, targeted a large Bijii-type vehicle that was loaded with ammunition and terrorist army, the vehicle and its equipment were successfully destroyed there.

The second attack that took place a few minutes later on the same night targeted at another Bijii vehicle that was loaded with powerful explosives, and its explosion was heard in distant areas, affecting more than 1km of land, destroying all. The militias were nearby, and their bodies were identified as 9 of the Khawarij militias and their leaders who were there, while most of them could not be identified because they were badly burnt.

The fourth attack was targeted at the militiamen who dispersed from the earlier attacks in Bur-Olow, and they were destroyed as they gathered.

The government believes that the death toll of the Khawarij in those operations is over a hundred, and they are still collecting their bodies, having only taken them this morning to the area of ​​Al-Kawthar near Adan-Yabaal, the bodies of 33 militants.

This operation was made possible by the complete information held by the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) with the help of our international partners and we thank them for their support.

The government of Somalia, with the help of its people and international friends, is committed to eliminating the Khawarij militia of Al-Shabaab.

Press release


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