Somali Govt reports 28 militants killed in anti-al-shabaab operation


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Federal Government of Somalia said that the National Army and local residents known as Mawisley killed 28 Al-Shabaab members in an operation.


The operation took place in the village of Juhaay under the Aden Yabal district in the Middle Shabelle region and it targeted Al-Shabaab fighters mobilizing in the remote area.

Adan Yabal District which was recently liberated from Al-Shabaab welcomed on Wednesday the Prime minister of Somalia Hamza Abdi Barre and HirShabelel state leader Ali Gudlawe.

The PM met with the National Army soldiers and local residents before laying a foundation stone for a new District Airport.

Prime Minister Hamza promised that all basic services will be reinstated such as; Education, health, and transport after Al-Shabaab withdrew from the town following 15 years of rule.


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