Somali Govt reports heavy Al-Shabaab infighting in Galmudug


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Federal government of Somalia has issued a statement announcing fresh fighting in the central coastal region of Mudug, a hotbed of terror.


The battle occurred in the vicinity of Harardere after two groups within Al-Shabaab disagreed over the surrender to the Somali army after a series of battlefield defeats.

A number of Al-Shabaab fighters who left their base in Dabagalo to give up themselves to SNA clashed with fellow combatants who resisted the move, sparking an hour gunfight.

“The skirmish started after fighters loyal to Al-Shabaab commander named Muheyadin Daqare left the area engaged in a battle with other militants,” said the statement.

At least seven militants died in the combat which raged on for an hour. A number of Al-Shabaab members are in custody for trying to surrender to the government.

The infighting comes as Al-Shabaab lost grip in most strongholds in the south and central regions, including Hiran, where the group faced a massive military offensive last year.

The government is waging a war on Al-Shabaab, which President Hassan Sheikh said is the final push to end the insurgency of 15-year-long insurgency in the horn of Africa nation.


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