Somali parliament postpones key meeting on 2023 budget


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The Somali Parliament announced that the joint meeting of the two Houses which was expected to take place in Morning morning at the Villa Hargeisa has been postponed after an attack at a nearby Villa Rose hotel by Al-Shabaab.


The agenda of the adjourned meeting of the two Houses of Parliament was the first reading of the national budget for the year 2023 that was submitted by the cabinet.

Although the Somali Parliament has not announced the reasons for the delay, it is believed to be related to the attack on the Rose Hotel in Mogadishu, where Al-Shabaab still fighting.

The spokesperson of the Somali police, Major Sadiik Doodishe, said that civilians and officials were rescued from the hotel last night during the rescue operation.

Last week, the Council of Ministers approved $967.7 million of the government’s budget for the year 2023 and submitted it to the Parliament for approval.


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