Somali PM visits frontlines in Middle Shabelle region


ADAN YABAL (SMN) – The prime minister of Somalia Hamza Abdi Barre reached the town of Adan Yabal within the Middle Shabelle region to visit the frontlines against Al-Shabaab.


The PM and his team received a warm welcome in the city from the leader of HirShabelle state Ali Gudlawe and commanders of the Somali military as well as flag-waving residents.

The aim of the PM’s trip is related to assessing the situation on the ground as the scale of the humanitarian crisis as locals have been under Al-Shabaab control for 15 years.

The town was recently liberated from Al-Shabaab by SNA and local fighters.

Hamza becomes the highest official from the government to visit the area since it fell to the SNA and community combatants.


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