Somali president addresses the nation on Govt plans for 2023


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Sunday delivered a 24-minute speech to the nation on the achievements made by the government in 2022 and the grand plans for 2023.


Mohamud announced that Somali army forces will take over the security responsibility from the African Union forces by December 2024, ending 16 years of UN-mandated mission.



The president noted that his government worked around the clock to make it a stable economy, which boosts the country’s economy. He said the debt relief will be over this year.

Mohamud added that Somalia will join the East African Community trade bloc, which he said will help the businessmen to get a free market and unfettered movements.

He said 2023 will be the re-liberation of the country from Al-Shabaab, the completion of the draft constitution, the reforming of the army, and improving and expanding education.

The present’s remarks come as the SNA with the support of pro-government clan militias take the fight inside Al-Shabaab strongholds in central regions and capturing more areas.


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