Somali president at judicial forum reacts to Puntland self-rule decision


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Wednesday opened the annual judicial conference which comes weeks after a deal on federalizing the justice.


In his strong-worded speech, Mohamud said Somalia is a country that is one of 195 nations in the world today, calling on the Federal states’ leaders to abide by the draft constitution.

He added that his government will not make a U-turn in its plans to complete the work to federalize the country in accordance with the Federal constitution agreed upon by all sides.

The president’s speech appeared to be in response to the Puntland leader’s decision to rule the state’s own affairs like an independent government until the constitution is completed and a referendum is held.

President Hassan Sheikh said the federal system is the only bond that holds the country together. He said that there should be no mistake in a system that divides the country and each party can stand separately.

“Federalizing the country is not about dividing it and every party can go where they want. We are a federal republic. The central government is responsible for Everything that affects Somali citizens,” he added.

He said his government is ready to help the regional states and work with them closely as part of his duties to unite Somalia and fix all barriers that are hindering the state-building.

“I want to tell the Somali people that I am open. We have no closed doors and no special issues. We all belong to Somalia and let us work together,” said the president.

The president made the statement at the opening of the annual conference of the Somali judiciary. He said that he is committed to giving confidence to the country’s people in the justice system.


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