Somali president calls for an unconditional cease-fire in Las Anod


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The President of Somalia has called for an “immediate” unconditional cease-fire Thursday in the northern town of Lasanod amid heavy clashes.


The president urged Somaliland to stop the fire and give the peace efforts by the international community a chance. He made the remarks during Baidoa NCC talks.

Mohamud also asked the SSC to seek dialogue and end the differences throughout peaceful manner instead of gun-power.

”Respect the interest of the people, lay down arms, and stop the fighting. Start negotiating,” added Somali president.

Lasanod, Sool regional capital has seen fierce fighting between Somaliland forces and local SSC militias that have been ongoing for weeks.

Somaliland has been controlling Lasanod for 15 years since capturing it from Puntland in 2007. However, the Sool region has witnessed a series of battles between the two sides.

The ongoing bloody violence which erupted in February 6 has killed more than 200 people, including women and children from both sides.

UNHCR said over 200,000 people fled from the conflict, and some 100,000 crossed into Ethiopia where they joined other Somali refugees at UN camps.


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