Somali president fully recovers from Covid-19, resumes office work


MOGADISHU – The President of Somalia, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud sent a message to the people of Somalia about the state of his health as he recovers from COVID-19.


The president of Somalia who has been working from his home for five days said medical tests related to COVID-19 showed negative, so he will sit back in the office, to expedite national work.

“After 5 days of complying with the guidelines regarding COVID-19, I underwent the final test yesterday and today, which resulted in a negative sign, and therefore, I am back in the office, to accelerate the national work that you represent. ”

The President also congratulated the people of Somalia on the occasion of the country’s Independence Week and urged them to work together to save the people from the effects of the drought.

“Once again, I congratulate all the Somali people on our Independence Week, and call on them to help each other, and in particular to help and assist our people who are suffering from the drought.”

Meanwhile, President Mohamud congratulated the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, His Excellency Hamse Abdi Barre, on winning the vote of confidence in the Parliament of Somalia and his assumption of office as Prime Minister.



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