Somali president reinstates full ranks for ex-NISA deputy boss


MOGADISHU – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has reinstated the full army ranks of former NISA deputy director Abdalla Abdalla who was sacked in 2018.


“From today I signed this presidential decree, Abdalla has the right to all the rights of the forces that the law allows, while this decree cancels all the laws that preceded it,” President Hassan said.

Abdalla returned to the country before the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during Roble’s time in the office of the PM.

The decision comes weeks after the president has reinstated the all ranks for Sadak Joon, the former Mogadishu police who lost his job for calling on parliament to go to an election.

Joon is now a member of the new parliament, elected from Galmudug state.


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