Somali troops capture fresh villages from Al-Shabaab


BAL’AD [SMN] – Al-Shabaab lost small but strategic villages in southern Somalia to the country’s national army during a military operation on Tuesday.


MP Osman Hadole, an ex-military officer played role in the offensive that led to the capture of Jameo Misra, Maqdis, Bardhere, Gashanle, Tugaarey, Jameo Mubarak, and others.

The villages taken by the army are all located on the eastern outskirts of Bal’ad town within the Middle Shabelle region, which lies about 30 kilometers north of Mogadishu.

The residents confirmed that the army forces moved into the villages without resistance from Al-Shabaab militants who made a surprise withdrawal ahead of the capture.

Somali troops are making territorial gains in central Somalia against Al-Shabaab as the government aims to take control of entire regions that remained under the group’s control.


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