Somali troops, local militia desert town in Galmudug


QAYIB [SMN] – Somali troops and their allied clan militia have vacated Qayib, a small town in the Galmudug state of Somalia, in what could be a major setback to the ongoing military operation against Al-Shabaab.


The troops set up a defensive position in a nearby Ali Wayt, 17 kilometers away from Qayib, as Al-Shabaab tries to retake the area without a battle.

The retreat comes days after Al-Shabaab launched a major attack on the military bases in Qayib last Friday that killed dozens of people from both sides.

Galmudug is one of the regional states that joined the FGS’s offensive against Al-Shabaab and it regained control of locations, including Qayib since September.


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