Somali troops uncover landmines near Kismayo port city


KISMAYO [SMN] – Somalia’s US-trained elite forces from the Danab brigade conducted an operation outside the southern port city of Kismayo, targeting Al-Shabaab hideouts.


The operation north of the city succeeded in the clearance of several landmines planted on the main road by Al-Shabaab with an aim to target the military convoys.

“We carried out an operation in Dheycabdi, Mayoonde, Qudhac Madoobe, Koban, Araare, and Bandarjadiid, where we uncovered 9 landmines planted by Al-Shabaab,” said the officers.

The officials who spoke in confidence said they ransacked several Al-Shabaab bases in the villages, where the operation took place. This comes amid an ongoing military offensive.


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