Somali troops vacate Wabho days after take over


WABHO [SMN] – The reports reaching Wabho in Galgadud region indicate that the Somali forces and the local militia have left the area last night after days in control.


Major Ismail Abdimaalik, a military officer, said that the reason for the withdrawal was an order from the high command of the army, but he did provide further details on the matter.

The government forces and the local people who came out of Wabho area are said to have returned to the Mahas district in the Hiraan region where they had already left the army.

The latest news says that the Wabho area has been peacefully retaken by Al-Shabaab.

There are no further details given by the Somali government as to why it withdrew its troops from Wabho area in Galgadud region.


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