Somalia: At least 7 Al-Shabaab members killed joint operation


AFMADOW [SMN] – Somali army backed by Jubaland troops conducted a joint military operation in Lower Jubba days after President Hassan Sheikh visited the southern region.


The combined forces targeted Al-Shabaab bases near the village of Mido which is 26-KM away from Afmadow District which is under Jubaland state control.

It has been confirmed that 7 Al-Shabaab members, including a commander named Asad, were killed in the operation. The militant group didn’t comment on the army claims.

Also,  during the operation, 4 AK47 rifles, 1 BKM were recovered as the Commander of the 5th Brigade of the elite Danab force Arab Dheeg Ahmed told the local media on Monday.

The operation is part of the war against Al-Shabaab in the Jubaland and other Federal States in Somalia, except Puntland which has managed to contain the terrorist menace.

In recent months, the Somali national army [SNA] and local clan militias retook chunks of territory in Galmudug and Hirshabelle states in an operation backed by US air strikes.

Al-Shabaab lost key villages and towns in south and central Somalia to Somali forces and clan militias since the launch of an all-out offensive in August last year at president’s order.


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