Somalia commemorates 21st Nov marked as teachers’ day


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Somali teachers have been working in an environment where the rule of the nation is grabbed by uneducated young Somali militias and warlords who put their personal interests before one of the public.


After the collapse, of Somalia’s popular government, famine compounded by the conflict, which is still raging in Somalia has caused hundreds of thousands of Somali people in the nation to lead a life without the candlelight of 21 century which is education.

Since the Somali central government was toppled in early 1990, Somali teachers together with other scholars formed Somali private Education Networks which were the sole responsible for the education of millions of Somali School going children, this was against all odds given the country’s status which has been a paradigmatic example of anarchy.

Without the education policy act or Unified Curriculum, they succeeded to Educate hundred of Somalis from all walks of life; not only the conventional normal school of children aged between 6-16 but of adults who are immigrating nomad life to that urban life.

In the treacherous years of lawlessness in the country –they were bold and assertive to open the eyes of many and give hope to thousands of homeless youth who now form the back born of Somalia’s recovery.

It is the Somali teachers who stood and committed to saving this country which once passed a stage of ruin and rack.


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