Somalia executes two policemen by firing squad for killing


MOGADISHU [SMN] –  The Somali Armed Forces Court has executed two soldiers of the Federal Government who were Convicted of killing a policeman and an innocent civilian.


Abdishakur Ahmed Mohamud who killed Hassan Mohamed Shire who was a member of the police and Abdi Jamal Abdullahi Haile who killed Abdihakim Mohamud Khalifa while robbing.

Their cases passed through all levels of the Armed Forces Court and finally today they were executed in Mogadishu by firing squad.

The military court since president Hassan Sheikh assumed office in mid-2022 stepped up executions of people accused of being Al-Shabaab and soldiers who committed murders.

A military court in Puntland last week executed 13 men who were members of the al-Shabab and Islamic State groups.

The court said five soldiers were also executed for killing civilians in Puntland while a 6th soldier was released after his family agreed to pay a blood money.


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