Somalia PM hosts a meeting with directors of the media houses


MOGADISHU [SMN] – Somali PM Hamza Abdi Barre on Tuesday night hosted the media directors in the presidential palace in the first meeting since he assumed office in June.


The meeting which coincides with the PM’s 100 days in office focused on the media’s role in the state-building, reconciliation, and public awareness of the extremist ideology.

The Prime minister shared a report about his Government program about the ongoing operation by Somali troops and locals against Al-Shabaab with the media directors.

Hamza Abdi Barre highlighted the importance of independent media and press freedom in the country. He called on the media houses to take their part in the revival of Somalia.

The deputy PM Salah Ahmed Jama, the minister of information Daud Aweys, MP Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, who is a former BBC journalist and other officials were in attendance.


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