Somalia president continues frontline visits


MOGADISHU [SMN] – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, arrived in Nur-dugle area of ​​Hirshabelle state to see with his own eyes the efforts to liberate Middle Shabelle region from Al-Shabaab.


President Hassan Sheikh praised the armed forces and the people in the region for their united front against Al-Shabaab and encouraged them to continue their liberation struggle.

He said the government is committed to eradicating Al-Shabaab from the entire country.

“Every Somali has the responsibility to play his part in the fight against the enemy,” said the president.

The president said that the government will continue the war as long as al-Shabaab remained in Somalia.

He added that government services will be delivered to the districts and areas liberated from al-Shabaab.

It is the second trip of the president to the areas liberated from Al-Shabaab, in a period of two weeks. Last week, the president visited areas in Hirshabelle and Galmudug states.


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