Somalia president on his way to Baidoa


BAIDOA (SMN) – Somali president Hassan Sheikh is en route to Baidoa city, the interim seat of Southwest state.


The aim of the trip is to open a reconciliation meeting in the city that is intended to end an ongoing political crisis in the regional state.

The security of the city, 250 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu has been significantly beefed up ahead of the president’s arrival.

The Lower House speaker Aden Madobe is in the city of Baidoa and is set to attend the opening ceremony of the talks which brings together the stakeholders of Southwest State.

The crisis in Southwest State escalated after the term extension of the current leader Abdulaziz Lafta-Garen by the regional assembly. He will stay in office for one more year.

The opposition candidates who are stationed in Mogadishu are calling for a timely election in Southwest and rejected the president’s term extension as illegal and unconstitutional.

Leaders at the Villa Somalia, the country’s state house trying to mediate the tension and pushing for dialogue to bring an end to the stalemate in a peaceful manner.

Southwest state turmoil comes amid a drought that affected millions in the region, where the UN warned of a famine if aid is not swiftly provided to the people in the IPD camps in Baidoa.


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